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Вынуждены сообщить Вам, что, начиная с 1 января 2017 г. стоимость пакета Лайт изменится с $4.95 на $9.95 в месяц.
Альтернативы им по цене на прямое вещание похоже нет. Или есть?
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вчера, вечером смотрел и слушал Андреа Бочели на
и я вдруг увидел своего работодателя, скромно сидевшего на стульчике.

так как интернет знает почти всё:
Andrea Bocelli, the world's most beloved tenor, is making his cinema debut as his new Love in Portofino concert is released for a limited time at selected Hoyts cinemas. Love in Portofino was recorded in August 2012 as Bocelli hosted an intimate and truly romantic outdoor concert in one of the most beautiful settings on earth. The cinema event also features a world exclusive interview with Bocelli filmed at his Italian home.

мой работодатель, как простой отдыхающий
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Man arrested as Yonge St. standoff ends

P.S. и о погоде. продолжают нагнетать ...

Tuesday evening’s commute may become snarled as up to 15 cm of snow is expected to fall in parts of the GTA.

A low pressure system that has dumped snow in Illinois will reach Windsor by noon and Toronto by late afternoon.

Environment Canada has issued a special weather warning for Hamilton, Oakville and Peel Region where 10 to 15 cm of snow is expected to fall by Wednesday morning. About five cm of snow will fall in Toronto.

Environment Canada said that visibility will be zero at times in the area from St. Catharines to Oakville as the lake effect will intensify the snowstorm.

сегодня уже 15, а вчера по 2 см. ну очень мало ...
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Bчера, случайно наткнулся на потрясающий фильм "Souvenirs", совершенно незнакомая страница 2 Мировой войны. Смотрел с большим удовольствием.


Unemployed Israeli filmmaker Shahar sets out with his father, 82-year-old Sleiman, to follow the trail of the Jewish Brigade, in which Sleiman served in WWII. through Italy, Germany and the Netherlands, where they make a surprise discovery.

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хорошо, что закон не всегда побеждает.
я так люблю хэппиэнд

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